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High Purity Nickel Wire 0.025 mm
  • Type NP2 GOST 2179-75

  • 99.64% Purity

  • 0.025 mm Gauge


Ni200  Ni201

Wire Diameter

Less than 20mm or as your require

Main Product

Nickel  wire 0.025mm or 0.05mm

Elongation - 27%

Density - 8.89 g/cm3

Melting point - 1435-1446°C

Ni (min) - 99.6%

Pure Nickel Wire 0.025mm

Features of nickel wire 0.025mm

  • Nickel has good mechanical strength and ductility.

  • Excellent performance on corrosion-resistance.

  • High melting point.

  • With good weldability.

  • Low electrical resisitivity.

  • Electrical conductivity.

Applications of Nickel wire 0.025mm

  • Used in vacuum device

  • Electronic instrument component.

  • Filter screen which is used to filter the strong acid and alkali.

  • Electric light / Electric light source.

  • Chemical Industry.  

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